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Tips From Mom Bosses

Motherhood inevitably leads to big changes in all parts of life, especially when it comes to our careers and pursuing our passions. A lot of moms end up pivoting in their career or making changes to find something more motherhood-friendly. It’s all trying to find that balance of wanting to be a mom and raise our kids but also not wanting to give up on our dreams. But we are not alone on this journey of motherhood, and there are some amazing women out there who have gone before and figured out ways of making it work!

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Summer Party Decor

If you are looking for an amazing design idea for a summer party - these floating roses and candles were the most beautiful decor for my friend’s birthday party. You can recreate this in your own way with centerpieces, with a landscape fountain, or in pretty glass containers down a walkway or stairs to your front door.

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Heart Set by Robin Sharma

I shared with you that 2 weeks ago that I attended a weekend workshop with the incredible Robin Sharma. 

One of the four primary areas of life Robin places focus on is "Heart Set". You can be operating at excellence mentally but you also must be showing up in life with a wide open heart. 

Balancing head and heart. Mindset and heartset. Courage with compassion. In my mind (and heart), that’s what genuine leadership and authentic power is all about. I encourage you to live this balance today. - Robin Sharma 

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Summer Wardrobe Refresh

We had an excellent Pop Up with BoHo Hunter last week in LA. I learned about their amazing pieces when I was traveling in Colombia last summer. 

What are you doing to re-Fresh your summer wardrobe? Are you cleaning out and removing some pieces? This is always a good thing! My challenge for all of us this weekend is to remove 10 pieces from your closet that you don't need or have not worn in one year or more, and donate it this weekend. You can replace with a few new fresh pieces that will give your summer wardrobe the pop that we all need. 

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Growing Herbs

For centuries herbs have been used for both their medicinal and culinary value. They may cure colds, help you sleep and add incredible flavor to your meals. Growing herbs is relatively easy, they thrive in just about any type of soil, love the sun and do well in most climates. 

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