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Benefits From Steaming

We had the most amazing visit to the Natural Hot Springs in Wyoming this summer. Steam is so beneficial for your skin, especially your face. The steam cleanses your skin, fights back signs of aging, and remove toxins. Do you ever just hold your face over the boiling tea pot? Try to steam your face a couple times per week, it will give you such a healthy glow.

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Simple Everyday Makeup Looks

I like keeping my face looking fresh with light makeup. I find that keeping makeup simple with just the perfect shades for my skin tone help me look and feel my best. Many studies show that women look their best with the least amount of makeup. Figure out your best features and enhance those while remembering to keep it all at a minimum.

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I first learned about how to Dry Brush at a spa many years ago. Dry Brushing is known as the ultimate exfoliate. As you receive or give yourself this treatment you are not only exfoliating your skin but you are stimulating the lymphatic system which stores your toxins and creates cellulite. Many people know Dry Brushing to help the appearance of cellulite, but it really has several other important health benefits.

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