Feminine Products Made Better


Did you see my post a few weeks ago with the video I shot at the expo when learning about Genial Day? They are by far the very best feminine products I have seen on the market. The pads are so thin and can hold so much.

The magic of this product is the Anion Strip which provides natural protection against skin irritation, infections & odor. It prevents harmful bacteria from colonizing the pad. Developed to help soothe common symptoms associated with PMS, at the same time provide the best absorbency possible with the help of biodegradable super absorbent material developed in Japan.

The silver in the anion strip is known for its antibacterial properties from ancient times. It's believed that Tourmaline can purify the blood, remove toxins, reduce fatigue, improve immunity, and promote health and longevity.

I am so excited to tell you that you can now receive 10% off these products by ordering through RE/SHAPE and using the promo code RESHAPE10 at checkout.