Genial Day Pads

I have to tell you that learning about the Genial Day pads was unforgettable! They are so thin and the absorption is incredible.  

GENIAL DAY® is the first sanitary pad to incorporate unique PATENTED NEGATIVE ION (anion) strip, with natural silver and  semi-precious stone tourmaline. 

What's the benefit?  The Anion Strip provides natural protection against skin irritation, infections & odor. It prevents harmful bacteria from colonizing the pad. Developed to help soothe common symptoms associated with PMS, at the same time provide the best absorbency possible with the help of biodegradable superabsorbent material. 

Silver is known for its antibacterial properties from ancient times. It's believed that Tourmaline can purify the blood, remove toxins, reduce fatigue, improve immunity, and promote health and longevity.

This is definitely one of my new “go to” products!  Find them at