5 Day Reshape and Reset


Are you ready to look great this summer? 
Join me and holistic nutritionists Sarah Wragge and Erin Parek June 3-7 for a 5 day ‘ReSHAPE and Reset’ for as low as $127 (get 10% OFF with code: RESHAPE). For more info, visit:

This plant based seasonal refresh is an easy way to flatten your belly, drop some pounds, reset your habits and digestion, and have more energy! 
What you’ll get:
- a detailed handbook
- shopping list - supplement guide
- specific reset protocol: what to eat, what to drink, and when
- a recipe guide - optional 1:1 45 minute coaching call with either @erinparekh_ or @sarahwragge - access to a private Facebook group because, after all, we’re in this together. 
Discount code expires this Friday, 5/24 at midnight. Last chance to sign up is Wednesday 5/29 at midnight.


We've been getting TONS of questions about what the week actually looks like.

So, we're breaking down some of the most asked here:

Q: Is this a typical cleanse / detox? What's different?

A: NO. Our program is called reFRESH for a reason. Because it's not a true cleanse or detox -- it's real, nutrient-dense food, lots of plants (probably more than you've ever eaten), and a focus on self-care + taking time that's needed for YOU -- so you end the week feeling energetic, revived, and FRESH. We promise.

Q. Am I going to starve the whole week?

A. NO! We don't do hungry! Who wants to be hungry? We have designed the program to be delicious and nutritious so you get everything you need.

Q. How long does it really take to make all this food?

A. We recommend ordering your groceries online through Fresh Direct, Whole Foods Prime or Pea pod, or whatever is local and convenient to you! That way the good show up at your door and then all you need is 2 HOURS to get it all together!

Q. Can I exercise throughout the week?

A. YES, you may want to choose something a little lighter, but then again maybe not. This program is meant to get you MORE in touch with your body- so let your body do the talking, all you have to do is listen!

Q: What is plant-based? Is this a vegan meal plan?

A: Yes. We aren’t against incorporating animal protein and seafood into our diets or that of our clients. However, we feel a 100% plant-based diet is the best way to reset when the seasons shift. Meat, seafood, and eggs can be harder for our bodies to process and digest - and we want to give ourselves a break! Also, we feel plant-based eating is the easiest way to get as much nutrient-rich bang for your buck in the shortest amount of time. Because five days goes by fast.