Removing the Clutter


Removing the Clutter

This new year, one of the actions items on my list is to remove the clutter that can sometimes be on my mind. We all have clutter either in our minds or physically around us. We know it bogs us down and we often think about how much we want it out of our lives, but do we actually take the steps necessary to remove it? The key is being honest with yourself, figuring out what to do about it and then actually doing it. 

Clutter expert Andrew Mellen, talks about why you have clutter around you. Getting honest with yourself may be uncomfortable but it is necessary, you put the clutter there, but you are also the only one who can remove it. Some of Andrew's points are: 

Get Specific and Get Going

Acknowledge your Success and Move on to the next Item. 

Talking doesn't Fix anything, even though it may feel good.

Click the following link for his step by step guide to get started!

Andrew Mellen Complete Wellbeing.