5 Ways to Add a Pop of Color


5 Ways to Add a Pop of Color

There’s nothing wrong with rocking monochrome or neutral colored outfits, but it’s also creative adding some pop of color into them. This can be great especially if you’re not a fan of wearing bright and colorful prints and patterns, as you can still look creative even wearing your favorite neutral outfit. To brighten up your everyday outfit, keep on reading for our 5 creative tricks of adding a pop of color to your neutral outfit.

  1. Wear a brightly colored blazer, jacket, or coat.

Wearing a neutral colored dress, pants, or tops can now be revamped by a brightly colored blazer, coat, and jacket of your choice. Like fashion blogger Kristina Bazan, you may opt for a neon-colored print on your blazer to style your sequin pants and black top. If you’re more on a casual style, simply opt for a red suede jacket to top your white tee and casual denim jeans. You may opt for a leather jacket, suede vest, wool coat, or even cashmere jacket in a bright color to add some texture to your overall outfit.

  1. Opt for a colorful statement bag or clutch.

Whether a small geometric print clutch or a brightly colored bag, accessories can instantly make your neutral outfit stunning. Like fashion blogger Annabelle Fleur, team a red colored clutch with your white dress, or a pink colored clutch with your black outfit for a great color contrast. Remember that black serve as a great backdrop for a bright color while white serve as a great canvas for dark shades. Just be creative mixing and matching your accessories to create a balanced outfit.

  1. Pick a pair of brightly colored shoes.

A pair of shoes can make or break your outfit, so pick one that complements your neutral outfit. For a quirky and eye-catching look, opt for unusual colors to wear with your neutral outfits like a pair of orange pumps or neon yellow sandals. But to keep your looks classic, you may opt for muted shades like a pair of pink pumps to match with your camel colored coat. To make your simple outfit look trendy, have an eye for a great pair of sneakers in bright colors to match your tulle skirt and a simple top. This way, you’re making your outfit trendier without losing your personal touches.

  1. Opt for a colorful scarf or jewelry to spice up your outfit.

Accessorizing with color like wearing a scarf or a colorful necklace isn’t as difficult as it may seem. Since everything goes with neutral shades of black, white, gray, and brown, you may pick any color of necklace, bracelet, or pair of earrings that will look great with your neutral outfit. As long as your choice of jewelry matches the formality of your outfit, it will be a creative way of styling your looks. If jewelry still doesn’t excite you, it’s just as easy to accessorize with a colorful scarf that complement your outfit.

  1. Wear a colorful makeup or nail polish for an artistic look.

An easy and more subtle way to incorporate color into your daily look is to switch up your go-to neutral makeup look and to some bright colors. You may try a bold red lipstick, neon colored eye shadow, or even neon-colored nails to spice things up. This way, you won’t be bothered thinking of colorful accessories you must wear with your neutral outfits.

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