My Perfect Cup of Coffee!


My PERFECT cup of coffee!!!

Bulletproof whole bean coffee. I grind fresh for each cup. Add 1 tsp Laird Hamilton sugar-free superfood coconut creamer, 1 tsp monk fruit sweetener, 1 scoop of collagen powder, 1 tbsp MCT oil.

Sometimes, I may add an adaptogenic herb blend from Moodbeli, like Ceremony Tonic.

I also like to add spices to my grinds before I brew when I am in the mood. I love Simply Organic pre-brew coffee spices, like Chai or Pumpkin Spice.

I put hot water in my blender to heat it before adding everything so the coffee stays extra hot. I love blending this because it makes it extra frothy and I noticed that the Coconut creamer breaks up so much better when blended.

When done I pour into my Yeti thermos, drop in my stainless steel straw and enjoy.