The World's Most Effective Body Sculpting Workout 


I often incorporate bands into my workouts especially at home or on the road. I recently found this article in Prevention telling us that they did a test to see which strength and toning system would deliver a leaner and firmer figure the fastest. I was just as shocked as they were - it was the use of bands over weights, body weights, Pilates, or Yoga that made a major difference in their test case of women. Can you believe the women they tested shaved 30% more inches off their tummies, hips, arms, and thighs, averaging a total loss of 15 inches along with dropping 18% more weight, an average of 6 pounds?

OK ladies, lets get to work with our bands. Keep a set at home, use them morning and night. While watching tv or while on the phone, pick up your bands and do a few reps. Remember several little steps make big changes. 

See the full Prevention article here!