Anti Inflammatory Herbs 


All of the wellness experts I have met on this health journey talk about inflammation and the various health problems it can cause. Inflammation is something we can help to control as we make specific modifications in our lifestyle. According to a recent health article I read by Dr. Mercola chronic pain, obesity, ADD/ADHD, peripheral neuropathy, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, migraines, thyroid issues, dental issues, and cancer are all rooted in inflammation, which must be properly addressed if you wish to be healed. The majority of inflammatory diseases start in the gut with an autoimmune reaction which progresses into systemic inflammation. This is something all of us need to be conscious about as we make better lifestyle choices.

Please see this excellent article by Dr. Mercola.

Learn how to incorporate herbs in your recipes that will help eliminate inflammation. Dave Aspry and Bulletproof have a posted an excellent guide.