I want to share with you a story that will inspire all of us that we can RESHAPE any part of our life at any time. I met Gail Becker at the expo. She is the founder of CAULI-POWER!

Gail was an executive at one of the premiere global PR agencies and she decided that was time for a life change - she launched her own business and is now building CAULIPOWER into a house hold brand with their product line of CAULI-FLOUR. This flour made from Cauliflower replaces any other flour cup for cup and can be used for pizza crust, cookies, pie crust, brownies, rolls, and biscuits. I tried the pizza crust and it was amazing! 

Not only are these products excellent, Gail's story is an inspiration to all of us. No matter where we are in life, we can take the steps necessary to RESHAPE any area of our lives. We are here to support and encourage one another.

Order your CAULI-FLOUR online or find it in your local market and be sure to send us fun photos of your yummy recipes!