World Health Day 

world health day april 7.jpg

Do you put your health first, last, or somewhere in the middle?

Many of us spend years making constant withdrawals from our health bank account. We eat poorly, we don't exercise or move our bodies as much as we should, we don’t get enough sleep, we live in a low level state of stress. All of us must be conscious of this and need to start making deposits back into our health so that we can function happily with a great quality of life for many years to come.

As women it is easy for us to put ourselves last, this goes without saying. We all get it. But at some point we need to begin making an effort to consistently take care of ourselves and our health. 

One of the best ways to take control of your health is goal setting as you would for your finances or for your career. When you go through the process, you start to realize that those goals, once completed, have far reaching effects that impact every area of your life.

Set your goals, stay accountable, track your improvements, recognize that it is okay for you to spend time on yourself; taking care of your self.

Tell me what you are doing to make your health a priority.