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No matter your level of fitness - use the next few months during the spring to challenge yourself with a new fitness system. Below are some ideas - tell me what you are doing. It's always a good idea to identify the goal and make a plan. Let's work on this together this spring.


Commit to a set time each day for a walk – whether it be first thing in the morning before work , during a lunch hour or right after dinner. Establish an amount of time (~30 minutes) and complete each day for a month. Do it outside as often as possible to soak up some vitamin D and to enjoy the new spring weather.

30 Days of Yoga 

Yoga practice can provide a many benefits including muscle building, stress management and relaxation.  Commit to 30 days of yoga, whether through your own at-home practice, with the guidance of a downloadable app or reference book, or by attending a group class.

Run Your First 5K

Whatever the reason, hearing the word “5K” can feel extremely scary for many people until they complete their first one. 5K events continue to rise in popularity and can be a great “commitment” challenge for anyone who wants to blend personal fun and fitness engagement. 5Ks are also great because you can walk, jog or run as your fitness level dictates. A 5K is also a "finish line" activity, which offers the rewarding experience of tangible achievement. Bring your friends or family to make it a social event!

Training for an Adventure Race

“Mud Runs” and similar challenges have become extremely popular over the last few years because they provide entertainment and competition that friends experience together.  Rally around some friends, family or coworkers, and commit to training for an event this spring. Pledging initially will foster excitement in the group, but it will also encourage camaraderie and competition as you train for it. Most events provide some sort of training plan once you sign up.

Try A Tri

Challenge yourself to bike, run and swim. Triathalons are popular among our endurance-minded people, but really all of us can and should challenge ourselves to do this type of exercising.

Body Weight Challenge

How many squats, sit-ups or push-ups can you do in a minute? What if you took this question as a daily challenge for an entire month? Whether you focus on one exercise or all three, each one is an imperative movement that every person should know and be doing for their fitness health. Challenge yourself to “beat” your number each day, and you’ll get stronger and fitter by the end of the month.

Meditation and Prayer

Although rarely considered a physical activity, meditation and prayer is an easy way to reduce stress in the body and help clear a busy mind.  Commit to meditating or praying each and every day for at least 2 weeks.  Find a quiet place at home, or take a break during your day to relax and breathe. After a 2-week challenge, most people see a difference in their daily peace of mind.