Are You Taking a Spring Break?


Whether you are traveling somewhere, you need to take a break, even locally for a day this spring. Studies show that vacation is necessary, we need to rest our minds, our bodies and souls. The every day life stress can build up to the point we don't even realize how stressed we are. Stress is known to cause a host of issues in our health. We can eat right, exercise 5 days a week, but if we don't give our body and mind a rest we cannot perform at the best of our ability.

Our family schedules two mini-vacations every year. Just to get away and breathe. I find that most of my dreaming and planning for the future comes into my heart at this time and we connect as a family and make special memories. I realize that no matter what may be going on around me, we need to make our vacations a priority.

I hope you will take some time this spring for your self. Take a week, take a day, take an afternoon and rest, dream, and refresh your spirit.

Please read this great article in Psychology Today about the importance of vacations and how to accommodate this principle in our busy lives.