What is your Soul's Purpose?

ali landry

What is Your Soul's Purpose?

Discovering your Soul’s purpose is easier today than it ever has been with the growing demand from women all over the world seeking a solution to their inner souls calling.  The space within that calls for something much bigger and better than what you might currently be experiencing gets you up in the middle of the night or catches you off guard during the day with new waves of energy shifting and turning inside of you.

One of the most popular questions that I get asked everywhere I go is, “what is my Soul’s purpose?” my reply is this, “your purpose is so simplistic, yet so powerfully profound that you may have heard the whispers of why you are here your whole life, mostly as a young child, yet you have not lived it fully to its potential.”

In my book, “Discovering and Living Your Soul’s Purpose” I point out in chapter seven that if your purpose is to love, then everything you do, think or be should be focused on love itself. If your purpose is courage, truth, trust or surrender, then this is what you can bring into your life, your words, your physical expression, breathe that into everything that you do with gusto!

Here are 5 simple ways to discover your Soul’s Purpose and to uncover the truth of why you are here and then how to live it:

  1. What gives you the most pleasure, without any effort and time seems to stand still?

  2. When do you feel the most light, joyful and happy?

  3. Do you experience yourself coming alive in nature or in a populated city or small town?

  4. When do you experience your breath the most, connect with your heart and feel alive all over?

  5. What makes you unhappy, depressed, closed off and shut down? This can be a situation, a person, a family member, a team, a group or work identity. Now look directly at this experience and emotion and turn it around 360. The exact opposite is what you desire, not what you are currently experiencing.

Each question leads you into discovering more about your joy point, what I like to call your opulent point, and it also shows you what your emotional and mental state is when you are immersed into an environment with people or places.

One thing that you can do is make a list of the people who you feel shut down around, closed off, feel overpowered with and feel stifled in speaking your truth. What does this have to do with your Soul’s Purpose? Everything! When you are surrounded by experiences that do not support your overall growth on any level, it pulls you in the opposite direction, out of purposeful living.

When you see clearly who or what blocks you from living, then you have the power to change the experience, the people or places, work environment, relationships or lack mentality that is creating a pathway leading away from your Soul’s Purpose.

We can here to this amazing Earth to enjoy all aspects of our spiritual, mental, emotional and physical domains, discovering your Soul’s Purpose will reveal to you the beauty that is within you to share with others, rather it be a story through the written word, a service, a product or an experience that only you can deliver. To recall what we have covered, you will want to take a look at what you don’t like (easy for most people to figure out as it’s the most prevalent thing on most people’s minds) and then turn it around 360! That is exactly what you should be doing.

Example: you have a hard time getting out of bed for work yet on the weekend you jump out of bed vibrant and happy getting up earlier than your work week, going cycling, early brunch with girlfriends, late afternoon matinee or a delicious walk in nature listening to your favorite music or audiobook. It is the lack of personal expression that you are most feeling from your work environment, no soul engagement or facilitating your opulent points that shine your most brightest and brilliant aspects of self.  When given the opportunity to shine, you do, but not at work. Seeing where your passion is when your life force is the strongest, this is where your purpose is!

How to make a living out of it, or monetize your joy!? Today’s market place is bubbling with women from all over the world heading to the Internet to sign up for coaching programs and personal mentoring that facilitates transformation and change from the inside out. Providing new tools of technology for the new entrepreneur to embark upon a lifestyle that suits her, it’s an accessible portal for many no matter where you live or what you currently do.

Remember that discovering your Soul’s Purpose does not have to be complicated.  Your Soul has been sharing it with you throughout your life, your Spirit yearns to live it and your core vital life force seeks it where ever it goes. It is one word and one word only, yet this one word encompasses everything you do, be, speak or exist in, that is where the precious gifts come in when your living your purpose you become unstoppable! 

Start your journey today!