Intentional Living


I had the pleasure of attending a Tony Robbins event earlier this year, it was AMAZING! 

Living with intention and making every moment count is so important in every area of our life. I realize even more these days of how mindful I need to be with where I spend my time and with who. I believe we need to be intentional with our day, what that looks like exactly is for you to decide. I've heard many business and life coaches say that who you spend your time with and what you spend your time doing will give you a good picture of where your life is going. If you want to RESHAPE any area of your life, it is possible! Make a plan, work your plan and most of all set yourself up to be successful. Write your goals down, share some of your vision with those that are the closest to you and commit in your own hear to be intentional with your life... make your days count!

Click this link to hear an excellent podcast from Tony Robbins and Todd Herman.