Daycation: A Day Trip


Daycation: A day trip. A day long vacation.

You guys know how passionate I am about travel but lets face it, its not always convenient when you have a busy life, obligations and commitments. Thats why I absolutely LOVE a daycation. Here are a few tips to satisfy the explorer in you and create new exciting experiences for you and your family.

1. Take a break from social media. Disconnect! Don’t torture yourself with all of the beautiful travel and lifestyle pics that your friends are posting!  Instead, put that phone away, close your computer and lets create some awesome experiences for your life!

2. Plan ahead.  Look through your local newspaper, lifestyle magazine, or get online and search for fun things happening in your area or surrounding areas.  Pick something fun and different, whether it is visiting a new town, heading out to the see a new exhibit at the museum,or going out to a music or cultural festival.  I think the key here is to do something new.  

3. Another great option if you are “foodies" like my husband and I, is to take the kids out for the day and eat breakfast, lunch , dinner and dessert out.  Eat at places you’ve always wanted to but never have.  Try local hotspots, food trucks, coffee shops ,or the latest ice cream craze. 

4.  Something else I love to do is to pack a picnic and head out on hike.  The benefits of being outdoors in nature is so good for your soul and your senses.  Take the time to take in all of the beauty around, load up on Vitamin D (sunshine),  and at the end of your hike find a spot that inspires you and settle in for your picnic.  Reflect on you day, enjoy the company you are with and sit with a heart full of gratitude.  

Hope you enjoy and this inspires you to RESHAPE your ideas on vacation! Please tag us on social media so we can hear about your next Daycation!