Kellogg Garden Products

I love food. Learning about @kellogggarden is so exciting. They sell excellent organic soil and gardening products, but also post incredible images of the most gorgeous fruits and vegetables. Break out of your typical trip to the market and research your local farmers, farm stands, farmers markets, a local co-op delivery service, or even various cultural food markets in your community. We live in a magnificent world, with beauty all around us!

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An Apple A Day

Does and Apple a day keep the doctor away? Some consider an Apple to be a nutritional powerhouse. They contain Vitamin C, B Complex Vitamins, Dietary Fiber, and Phytonutrients. Granny Smith apples appear to have the most beneficial effect on good gut bacteria and they have the lowest sugar levels.

So get out to your market and stock up on delicious organic apples. Don’t forget to wash them with @eatcleaner.

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Stem Cell Therapy

It was an amazing experience to use stem cells for the first time. I have partnered with Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center to learn more and bring this opportunity to our RE/SHAPE community. I've had back and neck pain for years, and the pain runs down my arms. With treatment in my neck just 3 weeks ago, I already feel such a huge difference in my neck. Let's continue to learn about stem cells together, it's amazing that these new treatments are becoming available for all of us. I'll keep doing my homework!

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Tips From Mom Bosses

Motherhood inevitably leads to big changes in all parts of life, especially when it comes to our careers and pursuing our passions. A lot of moms end up pivoting in their career or making changes to find something more motherhood-friendly. It’s all trying to find that balance of wanting to be a mom and raise our kids but also not wanting to give up on our dreams. But we are not alone on this journey of motherhood, and there are some amazing women out there who have gone before and figured out ways of making it work!

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Benefits From Steaming

We had the most amazing visit to the Natural Hot Springs in Wyoming this summer. Steam is so beneficial for your skin, especially your face. The steam cleanses your skin, fights back signs of aging, and remove toxins. Do you ever just hold your face over the boiling tea pot? Try to steam your face a couple times per week, it will give you such a healthy glow.

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Summer Party Decor

If you are looking for an amazing design idea for a summer party - these floating roses and candles were the most beautiful decor for my friend’s birthday party. You can recreate this in your own way with centerpieces, with a landscape fountain, or in pretty glass containers down a walkway or stairs to your front door.

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Glucosinolates and Cancer Prevention from Cabbage

Roasting cabbage is definitely one of my "go to" healthy meals for side dishes for my family. Its beautiful, so easy and fills you up!

Red cabbage is very low in calories but high in fiver and other important vitamins and minerals. It also contains antioxidants to help keep your skin fresh, tight, and flexible, reducing the wrinkles. The high levels of vitamin A in red cabbage is very beneficial for skin health, regrowth of skin cells, protection from sun damage, and the elasticity of the skin.

Very simple to add it to your soup, salad, stir-fry, or just roast it.

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How are you taking your daily dose of Turmeric? Laird’s Hydrate is one of my favorites!

Turmeric is Anti-Inflammatory: The active ingredient in turmeric is curcumin, a potent anti-inflammatory that helps maintain healthy inflammation responses.

Turmeric Supports Healthy Joints: Beneficial in promoting overall joint health and mobility.

Turmeric Boosts Stress Tolerance: As an adaptogen, it helps counteract the adverse effects of everyday stress on the body.

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